OR Analysis

The OR Analysis, provided at no charge by Centrix Group, is designed to exploit any inefficiencies at your facility. The design is used to scrutinize OR Departments, but it can be easily adjusted to be successful in any department.

Subsidy Reduction and Elimination Program (SREP)

SREP is a proprietary program that allows Centrix Group to reduce or totally eliminate millions of dollars in hospital subsidies. This program relies upon our expertise in such areas as medical billing, staffing and streamlining of facility operations. Centrix Group has proven to continuously reduce or eliminate subsidies for new partners and serves as the cornerstone of our programs.

Surgeon Engagement Program (SEP)

SEP allows Centrix Group to have an active role in improving case volume for your facility. Our Surgeon Engagement Program contains the ability to increase surgical volume. Most recently, the Surgeon Engagement Program was successful in increasing surgical case volume by twenty percent for a facility in South Texas.

Perioperative Anesthesia Service Optimization (PASO)

PASO is Centrix Group's “first step” in evaluating current facility operations for new partners. This program is a 6-10 day Six Sigma Event (Kaizen Event). We bring together the operating room team, surgeons, and hospital administrators to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the operating room department for all stakeholders involved. This program has improved turn around time, decreased case delays, and shown increases in surgeon and patient satisfaction.

Transition Implementation Management (TIM)

Centrix Group understands the importance of a smooth transition for hospital administrators, providers, surgeons, and patients. Transition Implementation Management is an initiative provided by Centrix Group to provide the necessary knowledge for a smooth changeover. These management abilities and skills stem from decades of experience as retired military officers and healthcare management professionals.