Mobile Surgical Services

Why are so many physicians choosing Mobile Surgical Services? With the advances in medical technology significantly increasing the number of outpatient surgery possibilities, physicians are able to expand their services, become more competitive in their local market, and capture facility fees, previously exclusive only to hospitals. Alternate service sites are as safe or safer than the hospital setting, but significantly less expensive. Centrix Group offers an all inclusive package for your office. We provide a Mobile Surgical Services Team, which provides all necessary equipment to administer anesthesia in an outpatient setting. There are many procedures that can be done at your office. Both you and your patients will be comfortable. With a small amount of information from you, Centrix Group can show you how to maximize your time and increase your revenue by utilizing our Mobile Surgical Services Team.


• Flexible Scheduling
• Availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
• Pre-operative review of patients
• Equipment and supplies
• Billing and collections
• Complete anesthesia record keeping
• Premier customer service

Centrix Group is equipped to perform office based anesthesia with all office procedures, no matter what your specialty may be. We are interested in serving the physicians needs, and by contacting a Centrix Group representative, we can discuss your needs in full.


• IV Sedation and Monitoring
• Peripheral Nerve Blocks
• Central Nerve Blocks (Spinal or Epidural)
• General Anesthesia
• Pain Management Services

Full non-invasive physiological monitoring including:

• Pulse Oximetry
• Capnography
• Electrocardiography
• Comprehensive Non Invasive Blood Pressure