Alexander Candelario

Chief Executive Officer

Oversees all of the functions of the Practice Management, Marketing, Billing and Collections, and IT departments. He is a former Marine officer who understands the concept of service to others, with an intricate understanding of financial processes.  He holds an undergraduate degree in accounting from Texas A&M University and a graduate degree in business administration.

Julie Candelario

RN, BSN, Director of Administration

Julie is a former Naval Officer and a Registered Nurse with over 20 years of clinical experience. Her involvement in the daily operations of the office is invaluable. Also, her clinical understanding of medical care has vastly improved several areas of Centrix Group.

Maryann Gary

Director of Billing and Collections

Maryann brings over 20 years of experience to the Billing and Collections Department at Centrix Group. She has extensive knowledge of commercial insurance, worker’s compensation and government medical programs. Maryann leads a team of experienced professionals beyond basic billing and collections, and sets the standard for the billing and collections industry.

Garry McIntosh

Director of Practice Management

Garry began as an intern with Centrix Group and grew to be an integral member of the team. He holds an MBA in healthcare administration and years of experience working with providers to manage hospitals and clinics as well as address staffing needs. 

Hal Jones

Revenue Cycle Manager

Hal is an Air Force Veteran and has over 20 years experience in healthcare administration. He holds an executive MBA degree. His experience in both strategic and functional roles provides a well rounded foundation for his key role with Centrix.

Kylie Forbes

Program Manager

Kylie has an MEd in health behavior and education and a lifetime of technology tinkering experience. In addition to managing new accounts, she is in charge of support and works closely with our sales and marketing team to make sure that everyone is educated and user-certified on all of our products.

Shawn Frasquillo

Implementation and Integration Specialist

Shawn is our implementation and integration specialist. He holds a degree in health information management. In addition to assisting in implementation and integration, he also assists in the research and development of our products.

Art Trevethan

Marketing Director

 Art is a Corporate Strategy & Development Specialist with over 20 years of experience as a visionary, strategist, and tactician in the healthcare and IT field.  He has held positions of; CEO, Chief Evangelist, Director of Development Strategy, Director of Strategic Business Development,and Director of Professional Services.  Art is also a highly regarded Scoutmaster.