Centrix Medical Technology

The average hospital in the United States pays over forty-five dollars a minute to run certain medical departments. Needless to say, time well spent can positively impact revenue. Imagine notes made by a nurse on rounds being securely sent to the hospital wide medical records system, and specifications of a client’s handwritten order go directly to your customer service team, while billing charges are sent directly to your billing software. This is how Centrix can streamline your process to increase efficiency and boost revenue.

STAT Electronic Healthcare Records              www.STATehr.com

Centrix Group has unveiled its electronic medical records (EMR) technology that utilizes a seemingly ordinary pen and paper format that can extract, store, and review information in a digital format. Your facility could enjoy virtually one hundred percent data capture. There is an audit process that is followed, which assures accuracy of data. The captured information is sent directly to other departments, which helps reduce the error margin in traditional data transfer between departments. This is intuitive technology at its best. Contact us to learn more.

Quality Analysis/Quality Iniative (QA/QI)

Centrix Group's EMR platform is integrated with a quality assurance program that allows you to compare performances with a shared database of over six hundred thousand cases based on your custom indicators. This provides you with customized reports for analysis. Lastly, all of this information is accessible through a unique dashboard that allows key personnel to track information real time.

Would you like to have a hands-on experience using our Dashboard? Just send us an email and we can get you set up with some login information!