Centrix Group's success in practice management can be attributed to the twenty-five years of specialized experience in clinical practice management. Centrix Group has average claim collections that vastly outperform our competitors. The majority of our competitors outsource billing and collection departments, impacting revenue for facilities. The leaders at Centrix Group have worked in medical staffing, practice management, home health, corporate forensic accounting, and executive management.

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We have helped many hospitals with issues over the years. They have benefited from our complimentary Centrix Tools© Designed specifically for hospitals. Our expertise has impacted, efficiency, communications, subsidies and revenue.


Anyone can claim excellence. It's only those who have empirical data and are committed to constant improvement that will adhere to a higher quality. Centrix Group has all of these elements. We set the standard for others to follow. We are ready to prove our excellence with quality unsurpassed by any other group.